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Religious Chat ; begins with words… When God told the angels that he would make Adam a caliph on earth, the angels did not deserve him to be the Caliphate. God taught Adam the words and the names, and brought Adam to the Angels, and said to the angels, “Tell them their names, if you are right.” They could not know the names.
Adam, He said their names. And the Angels prostrated themselves to Adam. That’s how important words and talking can be. Man’s journey began by talking and continues…
Satan deceived Adam by speaking, and Adam spoke of God and asked for repentance and forgiveness by talking. God speaks, sends messengers to mankind, and informs them of His words.
There are verses that God tells people about how they should speak. Based on them, it can be said that attention should be paid to ; God does not like the word of evil. God preaches good words. Sarcasm is an ignorant act that should not be avoided. Pulling people’s backs, calling them bad nicknames; Here are the wrong things.
But not all good words are good. The most important thing is that the word is true. Lying is the worst of speeches.
Angels record every word a man says. Although the limits may seem very strict, Allah is the most merciful and tolerant . He doesn’t hold people responsible for what they say each time.

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The subject of Religious Conversation can be how and why people come from, why they are here, who they are, where will they reach. In addition, daily events, social relations behaviors, personal and social rules are the subject of conversation. People can only draw a path towards themselves in the guidance of religion. In a way, conversation can be consultation, so religious conversation can be useful in a better understanding of topics and ultimately better decisions.
Not every talking is a conversation, but every conversation is just talking.
There are no empty words in heaven, and the word they hear is only “Salam”, “Salam”.

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